It is undoubted that this magnificent painter, Pau Valls, is brightened whenever it he has to appear in a showroom, takes care of the work of art , he studies it and he realizes it and this way it turns out to be the sample complete in subject and procedures, in expositions and difficulties that the artist overcomes with prompt facility, this facility that in every teacher shows.


His beautiful figures, constructed with sweetness and elegance, his still lives, in which the green tonalities, always so problematic, triumph and impose criterion and reality, form a varied, heterogeneous, plural and dynamical sample.


The coherence of this artist becomes aware in yes same, in the way of trying and to value the spaces, to distributing the figures, a table of white tablecloth and a loaf of bread, acts undoubtedly with religious, intimate and spiritual, theological connotations, even of to take the measurements of the tones, of making react to the own public in all that it faces before every support, exercising it in the enjoyment and the pleasure


This teacher that with his oils and his drawings he expresses to us the poetical background that guides and leads his paintbrushes.


The memory of the color and the line


Adrián Espí - Valdés

Member academic C. of the Reales Academias de Bellas Artes
of San Carlos de Valencia and San Fernando de Madrid.
Of the Critics' Spanish Association of Art ( A. E. C. A )
Member of the Critics' Valencian Association of Art ( A. V. C. A )